Successful people recognise that it’s not just “what you do” but “who you are” that makes the difference.

Whether you want to feel fulfilled and successful in your personal or professional life; self-awareness, understanding and development are key. At The MAT Consultancy you will find the space and the support you need to explore how you contribute to your success or how you may be “getting in your own way” of growing and achieving your goals.

We are all shaped by our experiences and those experiences form our beliefs, our values and how we see the world and the people around us. By working together I can help you discover how these beliefs help or hinder you in life and explore alternative ways for you to achieve what you want for yourself and for your business.

“… I wasn’t actually aware of precisely what I was doing when I was succeeding or for that matter when I was failing. By developing my awareness and self-understanding I saw that I could increase my frequency of success and decrease my frequency of failure. “

Except from foreword by Sir Clive Woodward from Think Like a Winner by Yehudi Shinar

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With the benefit of hindsight – or not…

In any situation, our emotions are linked to how we think about or interpret the situation or the behaviour of those involved, i.e. how we think influences how we feel.  Both of these will determine how we react in that moment.  But what about when we look back and reflect on past situations and outcomes? … Read more


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